4 Of The Best Products For Beachy Waves


Texture Tonic, £21

WHY WE RATE IT: Unlike most sea salt sprays on the market, Aveda’s innovative Texture Tonic is 94% naturally derived and boasts a unique balance of ingredients that combine the raw grip of magnesium sulfate (also known as Epsom salt) with the hydrating and softening properties of cane sugar. The result? Effortless-looking, tousled texture minus the crunch and dried-out feeling, whatever your hair type.

TOP TIP: Use before blow-drying, twisting the hair as you dry, for loose, textured waves; mist from mid-lengths to ends and scrunch post-tonging for a raw, natural texture; or try pulling hair into a sleek ponytail and spritz through the lengths to create a cool contrast between sleek roots and undone length.

Sun Care After-Sun Masque, £24

WHY WE RATE IT: Packed with softening tamanu oil, organic shea butter and coconut oil alongside antioxidant-packed green tea extract, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, this hard-working mask will restore sun-exposed strands and help defend against free radicals. The dreamy tropical scent (think neroli and ylang ylang) gets our vote too.

TOP TIP: Take the time to brush the masque through wet hair for maximum absorption – use a wide toothed comb in the shower when applying your mask for boosted results.

Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser, £19.50

WHY WE RATE IT: Meet your perfect holiday companion and suitcase space saver in one. With a genius colour-safe cleansing formula (making it suitable for bottle blondes and brunettes alike), this two-in-one hero will help to avoid any pool-related hair damage whilst boosting moisture in both your hair and skin. It’s all down to corn-derived chelator and babassu betaine, which gently removes chlorine, salt and produce residue whilst coconut oil softens and soothes dry skin.

TOP TIP: To avoid a dry and flaky scalp, avoid shampooing too often whilst on holiday, if possible, and always use a moisturising shampoo directly after sun exposure.

Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, £22.50

WHY WE RATE IT: You can’t feel it but your hair burns in the sun just like your skin does. UV rays affect hair in a similar way to bleach: they weak its protein structure making hair drier, brittle and more prone to breakage. Hair that is already damaged or process is more vulnerable to sun damage so take action with Aveda’s Hair Veil, a naturally-derived, water-resistant formula, which provides protection for up to 16 hours. Mist through the hair frequently throughout the day when exposed to the sun and wrap in a bun – unravel come sundown to reveal natural, beachy texture.

TOP TIP: Book a small trim before you go away on holiday and then again when you’re back to remove any damaged ends. This is important as split ends interlock easily, increasing the likelihood of hair tangling and breaking whilst you’re away.

Credit to sheerluxe.com