How to have the perfect London date! The ultimate london dating guide

Have a date in London? Don’t know what to do? Where to go? And what to wear? 

Well then this is your luck because this will be your ultimate guide to having a date in London.

What to wear: London is known for being a posh place however, it is important to keep it simple and natural so that your true beauty really shines through, so ideally something like our model Abi, just simple colors yet elegant and breathtaking.

The boots are also a sexy touch that no one would be able to resist.

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Miss KG – Vegas

Where and what: An ultimate date location should be:

  1. Easy to reach
  2. Elegant 
  3. Practical

That’s why our favorite date location is Courthouse Hotel it is the combination of all these things, being in central shoredirch, with a train station and bus stop right in front of it, as well as the option to go from drinks at a fancy bar, to cinema, to enjoying a friendly game of bowling or foosball, and even offers a spa to relax.

How to act: First of all be yourself, honest and true, relationships that are based upon lies never tend to workout. Remember to stay polite and demand respect, be nice and laugh at your dates jokes and try to calm him down if nervous, remember it’ll only get easier.