Dress yourself skinnier

Finding the perfect-fit-clothes is a challenge for everyone. For every body shape different clothes compliment it better.

But here are some thing that will always make you look skinnier:

1. High waist: depending on how much you need to hold high waist jeans or leggings are always perfect for putting everything in the right places. Leggings are a bit thinner so if it’s summer or you’ve not got as much to hide, it truly is the perfect pants.

2. Pupilum skirts: if you’ve got a party a high waist pupilum skirt is the perfect choice as it’ll cover the fat and leave place for your legs to look amazing! 

3. Heels: yes they do hurt, and fair enough you don’t have to wear them everyday, however you’ve got to admit, they make your legs look longer, butt look rounder and back more straight. All that’s left is for you to practice how to walk in them.

4. Dress more black: this trick is only if you are desperate enough, but the color black does tend distract or rather hide any unwanted fat.