A guide on finding the right earrings for your face shape 

Earrings are considered one of the most accessories used by women, which is ideal since it makes you look more beautiful whilst adding that kick to your style. 
Well, if you’re looking for an advice on bow to pick your earrings, you came to the right place!

Big Face: Picking the circular big earrings would be a great choice for you, yes, don’t be afraid. 

Facial small: You’re totally better off with a small pair of earrings that would compliment your face.

Circular face: In this case the lady to stay away from non-adherent and dangling earrings, choose small earrings that take a variety of forms such as the heart and a tear or Rose as it adds corners on the face.

Oval face: oval face is the most perfect of faces, you are able to choose any kind of earrings that I provided above.