Five fashion trends we hope not to see in 2017

– Kanye West’s Adidas collection:
The $625 duck boots have been scooped up in every color, $405 long-sleeve shirt and $235 camo-tee. And here’s an honorable mention; the plain white shirt that was sold for 120$ dollars ?!Why?
– The round glasses;

Stop. Your grandma doesn’t even think they’re cool to turn her glasses into a “kawai” trend. Please don’t, it makes you look like her twin.

– Half and half tees

Well if you’re looking to look like Cruella de Vil from 101 then that’s for you. Wear a half white t-shirt and half black one and you’re off to go!
– Clown costumes;

It is piece of clothing so it is related to fashion… As much as we try to deny it…

If you want to look like you need to be locked up for eternity, please wear a clown costume.

– Out of control chokers;

It is a cool thing yes… But not when it covers your whole neck! If you want to bring a trend back, do it right.
Image copy right to VALEUR MAGAZINE by Marco Kokkot.