Tips and tricks on helping your beloveds quit smoking 

We all know how harmful smoking is, it can cause a lot of diseases we all would like to avoid… And if you love someone, you surely don’t want to see them suffer, so if you wish to help them, try following these steps!- Make that person busy. Give them tasks, hang out with them more often, let them join clubs or anything they like, when they’re busy smoking would be the least of their concerns… Well, I hope. 

– Patience: Without it, everything would fall apart, just understand that some people blow off steam with smoking, no one can just throw the packet away and say ”I quit!” well, unless they’re really determined.

– Encouragement is nessacry, keep up with the postitive vibes and show them that they can actually do it! Don’t get mad if they smoke or they’ll do it behind your back! Tell them it’s fine and eventually they would stop.

– Quit-smoking machines; buying them one of those can be helpful. It might trick the might and lead them away from the dangerous susbetence. 

– Talking about the effects of smoking: they might be already aware of this but it’s okay to inform them again whilst sounding concerned for their health.

– Exercise: Suggest that to them, the exercising daily routine is very helpful to anyone who’d want to go healthy.