Masks to get rid of wrinkles

Oats Mask: Here’s how you’ll do it, you start adding two tablespoons of oat plant to 150 millimeter water glass whilst you’re boiling it gently for 5 minutes or so, after it, you start filtering the liquid and you’ll be allowed to use it as a mask on the face and your neck to dry and then you’d wash it with warm water.

The benefits of this mask that it is a good cleanser for the skin and tightens around your skin and it helps fighting off the wrinkles.
Second mask:

All you need is;

One teaspoon of ground chickpeas

Pinch of turmeric

You’ll mix all ingredients well and then put the mixture on the face and leave it for a quarter of an hour after that you’d wash it with warm. clean water.

This remedie is one to fight the growth of the excessive facial hair and getting rid of the wrinkles as well. So you hit two birds with one stone;)

Please don’t ever hit birds though.

Thank you for reading!