Clean your skin using these homemade masks

You’re looking for something natural, without any dangerous mixed chemicals? Then countie reading because I got you some few tricks for you;First one: 

Get yourself some almonds / any type of nuts & soak them in water till you’re able to peel off the shell,

Crush them in a blender or whatever you want, till you get a fine, brownish powder. Take three spoons of the power and mix one egg’s white with it and add a small spoon of lemon, I’d recmmoned you using a mixer for this so it’ll be smooth enough for you to apply later on.

After you’re done, take a handful of the subsectnce and place it on your face, it should rest upon it for 20-25 minutes, after you’re done, wash your face with warm water, dry your face and put some almond oil on it.

Keep doing this for 10 days and you’ll notice the certain difference and you’d thank me. 

Second one: 

This one seems a bit odd but when did we ever suggest anything normal here? 

Get your old school kiri cheese and take a piece of it, smash it with a spoon and place it on your face, after 20 minutes it’ll be dry and heavy, you’ll peel it off and wash your face with water and soap. I’d recommend a natural one.