The best home remedies for curly hair

Curly hair can be all over the place, making it harder for you to manage it, but fear not, there always few tricks to get the show going with these short yet eventual home made remedies!
Avocados we all love to dip our nachos in the creamy avocado salsa… But what if I told you there’s more to it? Yes, you can actually use it to treat your damaged, dry hair!

All you need is to add a bit of lime and olive oil, mix it up with some avocados and place it on your hair, keep it around for 20 minutes and you’re good to go – you’ll notice the difference if you keep doing it frequently, also, keep few on the side for you to munch on.

Mayo I know I know, it sounds disgusting and it is, but beauty is pain… Or disgusting in this case, you know the magical combinationl; lemon juice and egg yolks that created mayo for us? Well, it might have that bad taste when you eat it alone but it surely has the good results when you use it on your hair! 

The powerful natural remedy will help you with the battle against your messy, dry hair. 

Olive oil As I mentioned before you can add it to your avocado remedie, but you also can use this method on its own! All you need is; Start heating the olive oil until it’s warm enough for you to use it and apply it on your hair, keep it for 20 minutes and the magic is done! Don’t forget to massage your scalp while at it, it’ll make your hair stronger and it’ll bring out the rich colors!
Why using all the expensive, dangerous chemicals when you can use nature?

Rock your curls!