5 signs he is cheating on you

 Lying; it’s easy to be lied to when you’re head over heels into someone… But it’s time to wake up and look at the signs!
No no, you don’t have to read all the Sherlock Holmes series to figure this out, although I do recommend it but… Here’s how you do it;

1) Their facial expression when you ask them the real questions; do they stare sternly into your eyes whilst crossing their arms, looking too stiff? I have bad news for you then.

2) Their reply to your questions; if someone is being honest, they’ll simply give you a whole hearted reply with few clear words… But if they’re insisting that they did not do the thing you’re accusing them of in a way like this ” I did not kiss her and I did not sleep with her.” uh huh, you need a relationship counselor ASAP.

3) Did you ask to see their cell-phone that they’re spending too much time on and they refused to show you? Yes, privacy matter, but when you’re in a relationship, honesty matter too, if they give you a good reason, then you need to respect it and back away but if it sounded fishy… I am sorry for you. 

4) Contradicting themselves. This time where you need to put your feelings aside and work with your brain, you need to connect the dots and see, the most obvious thing cheater would do is giving you too many excuses that you need to see right through!

5) He/she no longer shows you the affection they used to show you before? Before you jump to conclusions and say NINE MAGAZINE said you’re a cheater, try to figure out what is going on, maybe they’re in a bad place in their life or maybe yes, they found a different person to show that affection to… Never be hasty but always be careful.

Lastly but not least, whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re sure your partner is cheating on you, walk away and join the single club. We have chocolate and pizza.