Top 10 feel good chick lits

1. Legally Blonde

A very pink movie revolving around fashion student. It all started with an invitation from her boyfriend to an expinseve resturant, even though she was expecting to be proposed to, he actually broke up with her. In ordert o win him back, she came up with a plan, to become his perfect girl by being a law student at Harverd.


2. The Devil Wears Parada

About fashion, fame, style, luxury. Andrea is a new journalist, hoping to  get a job as a writer or a raporter, but instead she lands a job that “a million girls would kill you“ for, the personal assistant to miranda priesly, editor chief of Runway fashion magazine, a true legend in the fashion world.

3. What A Girl Wants

Daphne is a girl who lives in America, with her single mother.and she never meet her dad. She notices her father on the television during a news broadcast, and tells to her friend that the politician is her father, therefore she decided to fly to london, in order to get to know her father.

4.  One Day

Dexter and Emma meet on the 14 July 1988 after their graduation. They spend the night together, in the morning their agreement is to be just friends, and meet up once a year to spend  a day together.

5. Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Rebecca is a shopping addict who lives with her best friend Suzey. She is a working journalist, with a dream of working in a fashion magazine. Landing a job at Elite magazine helping people to manage their shopping economics, gets her one step closer to achieving her dream. She also falls in love with a guy who just like her speaks ‘Prada’.  However the happiness doesn’t last forever, she is emberassed on live TV and foreced to deal with consiquences.

6. When In Rome

Beth is a successful, single women and in this point of her life, love seems like a luxury. Dreaming of the perfect romance. She flies to Rome, to go to her sister wedding and there she meets Nick, he is the one who makes here believe again in love. A beautiful love story.

7. The Other Woman

Carly, has just started a relationship with Mark. She decides to go over to his house to seduce him, there she will meet Mark’s wife, Kate. The film follows three women—Carly , Kate, and Amber—who are all romantically involved with the same man, Mark. After finding out what is happening , the three of them will be friends with each other  and decide to take revenge on Mark.

8. About Time

Tim is told by his father, that the men of his family have a special gift: the ability to travel in time. This supernatural ability is limited in one condition: they can only travel to places and times they have been before. Tim decides that he will use it to improve his love life.

9.The Age Of Aaline

Adaline crashed herself during a snowstorm and died , but a lightning stroke suddenly and brought her back to life. From that moment, for many decades she remained twenty-nine years old. Ever since, she has changed her identification and address according to the era while her daughter was living . it is  a story of love and passion.

10. Bad Teacher

Elizabeth Halsey is an gold digger, She plans to marry her wealthy fiancé, Mark, but he dumps her after learning she is only after his money. She is a teacher who drinks alcohol heavily, smokes marijuana, and shows movies while sleeping through class.