Working in a fashion magazine : expectations vs. reality

The fashion industry is every little girl’s dream, starting from the early ages of The Devil Wears Parada, we can only dream in working in fashion, wether it’s modeling, styling or writing, everyone has their dream and true calling.

For me I wanted to be a fashion journalist, that’s why getting my first job at a fashion magazine was a dream come true. Please don’t get me wrong I love my job but it wasn’t at all what I expected.


I had in mind glamours models, high end clothing, fashion shoots every day, meeting celebrities all the time, going to so many parties, getting to know the people in the industry and just writing about a subject that I love.


I was given a lot of amazing opportunities in which I am greatful for. However it includes two or three shootings a month with just different clothing or scenery, most of the fashion presented is lingeri, you do get to go to parties but it’s a lot of advertising and people that you have to speak with and convince to collaborate or sponsor.

You should also be an expert in every fashion way because papers will be coming your way at all times. Expect editing lists, writing many papers, model scouting for auditions, choosing what they wear, finding sponsors, editing the website, marketing and much more.

My two cents:

It’s a wonderful expiernce. If you find yourself inspired by fashion then, you should defenatly try it, but be prepared that it will be hard work.