the difference between fashion in the east and west

Over the years there has always been big differences between the western and eastern societies, espicially in the fashion world, where trends are shaped by culture and economy.

Countries in the western world are much more open culturely, being yourself and original is highly encourged and dating, love and art is everywhere. making fashion colorful and different from a person to another. less clothing are also approporiate in the west.

Eastern countries are a bit more divided than the western ones, starting with the middle east, one of the most contervertial areas in the world for the last few years. The countries in that region are either extremly rich or extremly poor. meaning that one side is shopping for high end brands and not wearing anything low cost. As for the other side they are in stavation, spending their money for necessities only and buying only clothing basics and sticking mostly to blacks.

Other countries in the middle east include Japan, China and other Asian countries where fashion is extremly colorful and related with their unique anime, mingas culture.