I GOT RID OF MY ACNY USING A LEMON. My skin care routine.

Are you tired of acne ? Are you tired of black heads?

If the answer is yes then I have the saloution for you.

I was like I tried everything, invested in many Cremes and skin care saloutions but nothing seemed to properly kick in. 

After trying so many things I had nothing left to lose, so I took my mother’s advice sliced a lemon and put it on my face for around 30 seconds.

The results were amazing and with tims this has developed into a ritual:

1. Put lemon on my face for 30 seconds.

2. Wash of with warm water and Clinique’s cleansing foam.

3. Take a cotton and apply Clinique’s clarifying lotion.

4. Apply Clinique’s moisturizing lotion to your face. 

However if this too expensive for you, feel free to use the lemon and just wash it with warm water and apply a regular drudgery moisturizer after, it should work just as good.
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