I lightened my hair using chamomile tea. My hair lightning routine.

Going blonder has been something that I’m scared of doing but still really want.

That’s why I have tried this home remedy. This has worked magic for me, my hair got slowly lighter so I could see how it made a difference. I was so happy with the results that after the course of a year I got the courage to go for ombré hair. 



My routine:

I get two cups of hot water and put in each 4 to 5 chamomile tea bags leaving it to settle for around 20 minutes.

After I wash my hair with the first cup before shampooing and condetioning and with the second cup after condetioning.

After using this for 4 or 5 times I have started to notice the difference.

Best of luck, and if you try it, send me your results on Instagram: marah_nine