Are you more of a pysical or a spirtual lover? QUIZ


Which do you prefer?

a.walking   b.talking

Where do you prefer going?

When you are at home where do you prefer staying?


What do you prefer?

a.Breakfast b.dinner

Where you would like to live for a short period of time?

a.Rome b.Athins

What do you prefer doing?

a.Reading books b.Watching movies

Where would you prefer going?

a.Mountainsb. Beach

What do you do more often ?

a.Listening b.Speaking

Which time of year do you prefer more ?

a.Christmas b.Summer

Where do you prefer going?

a.Gym b.Dancing

In Which kind of style do you prefer?

a.girly b.Sporty

What do you prefer listening to? 


If most of your answers were A : you are a ROMANTIC person. You work hard on a relationship, you are a believer strongly in family. You are also a very organised person. You are worried about the feelings of others. Every lover would be lucky to have you. You express your love with small gestures like holding hands, giving flowers, chocolates. You are a spiritual lover.

If most of your answers were B: You are a social person. You believe in friendship. You are not so worried how your room looks but how you look. You are very adventures, your friends look up to you. You believe that love is everywhere and every person should be loved. Your moto is enjoying the life. You are more of a physical lover.