A day in the life of a fitness intsperation. Kaitlyn Rhodes

Instagram fitness motivation girl, Kaitlyn Rhodes, has traveled a long journey to be the fit and healthy idol she is today.

Regardless of her success she has remained humble and took the time to inspire us even more and she has shared a day of her life with us. So here is how it all starts:

4:30am my alarm goes off

I get up and tend to my oral hygiene routine (flossing, oil pulling, brushing) and my face care routine (I use Tula cleanser with my Clarisonic Mia 2, witch hazel toner, face serum and moisturizer)

Then I either get in a workout or some stretching depending on the day ahead

I put together my lunch bag filled with breakfast, snacks and lunch (all prepped ahead and ready to go, I do my meal prepping on Sundays SO IMPORTANT to get all your prep in)

I work 8-5 so I usually have content ready to upload onto my page and know what I want to post throughout the day

If it is a gym day, I change clothes at work and head over to the gym

Usually home around 7 from the gym, time to heat up dinner (which is also prepped because… time saver, money saver)

Sometimes I spend a few moments in the evening catching up on social media, reading a book or getting my planner up to speed.

I then typically spend 30 minutes to an hour before bed cuddling, watching an episode on Netflix with my fiancé and having a mug cake, warm tea and a piece of dark chocolate.

I try to be asleep by 10:00pm.  

For me, routine is key. I thrive on it. I plan ahead and it is in that planning that I find success. My food is ready, my workouts are planned. I feel so much less stress this way. I suggest finding what works for you by taking baby steps: incorporate one routine at a time. Prioritize what is important to you and build your routines around that list from greatest to least importance. There is time for everything that you make time for.

Routine and structure take hard work and much effort, but keep in mind it’s will power that lets you succeed just like Kaitlyn.
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