How to distinguish your real friends? 

1. A true friend will support you and encourage you to achieve the dreams, however he doesn’t spare you the truth to protect your feelings, instead he lets you know what you should hear and do.

2. He will listen to your problems and help you solve them, even sometimes sacrificing something without think about it twice, just so that they could lend you a helping hand.

3. They try to put in as much effort as you do, if not even more into the friendship.

4. They are just your friend because of the awesome person that you are. You never see them trying to take advantage or abuse you for what you can offer them, instead they just enjoy spending time with you and are welling to do things for you.

5. When you tell them a secret, you know that it’s really safe because they will never share it with anyone, they are even confiding in you a lot of the time.