10 signs that he likes you 

1. He takes interest in you and asks you too much about yourself, your family, friends and hobbies, seeming eager to learn.

2. He compliments you and notices even the smallest of changes about you.

3. He might even seem a little nervous around you.

4. He tries to learn about your past boyfriends and what kind of things you like in a guy.

Tip: don’t give him too much information.

5. He acts like a gentleman, from holding the door open for you to offering you his jacket when you are cold or even paying the bell.

6. He tries to be touchy and playful, playing with your hair, touching your arm or your knee.

7. He texts you often, calls and replies to you immediately, even if he would miss a call, he’ll call you or write you back the second he sees that he missed it.

8. You hear from his friends that he talks about you or even that he likes you. Or he asks your friends about you.

9. He tries to get you to hung out alone, and makes excuses to spend time with you.

10. He comes out and says that he likes you.

Picture credit: Instagram @Hamed_nine