10 Cities To Spend Your Next Christmas

10. Santa Claus, Indiana

The name says it all, a city named after the father of christmas just has to be the best place to spend this joly time of year.

9. Vancouver, Canada

Canada is known as the nicest country in the world, and christmas is all about kindness. Vancouver has many beautiful attractions for Christmas, wether its the Vancouver Christmas Market or the Canyon Lights at Capilano, you are promised a fun, white christmas.

8.Paris, France

The city of love. if you have your one and want to spice up your romance this christmas, then head down to Paris and kiss under the Eiffel Tower.

7. Barcelona, Spain

Do you like to PAARTTY? well then why aren’t you yet in Barcelona. use your holiday time and the chance that you are away from work to have the most amazing parties in Barcelona and enjoy the most beautiful archticture.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

If you are a student looking for a cheap gateaway, Prague is your heaven. eberything is budget suitable, christmasy and the beautiful history and friendly locals don’t hurt either.

5. New York City, New York

Spend your time in central park, enjoy the snow and maybe get to know some locals.

4. Santa Fe, New Mexico

A plave where all your christmas needs will be met, from the Christmas At The Palace to the Christmas Brunch, you are guaranteed not to have a minute 0f boredom and to be always occupied with new exciting activities.

Hint : check out the Pueblo Dance.

3. London, United Kingdom

London is very famous for the Oxford Street Christmas Lights, with the beautiful markets and an adorable English accent, you’ll enjoy every second of your holiday.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For someone who is willing to experement or is a bit more open minded, Amsterdam is the perfect location, with the great archticeture, friendly locals and snowy wether, you are a promised the time of your life.

1. Berlin, Germany

German christmas markets are famous worldwide, so why not enjoy your next Glühwein in the capital of Germany, with beautiful shows and multiculti atmosphere, you’ll feel yoursef at home with all the international people.