Pop Up stores, The Buisness Mind Behind Them.

“Pop up stores” are one of the newest trends that retailers are taking part of. The way they operate is by opening a store without having a permanent location, they set up and then have the store for a short period of time, so what is the business mind  behind them ?

“They are used to see if we should open a permanent store” said Paulina Tsvetanova owner of PAULINA’S FRIENDS a current pop up store in Bikini Berlin which has been opened since September and will still be open until the end of January, the store which has an original concept of combining art, design and vintage clothing from international new comers, “ we opened this store to see if it will reach the target shopper in this area” she continued, however there has been a downside, as the store is only set up for what would be considered a short period of time and causes higher rent than long term shops she said “it is not something that could be affordable for everyone especially younger people and new starters”.

Even though the costs are relatively high “it is a positive experience overall, as it was very clearly what the next step would be, without having to take the risk of opening a permanent store directly, which would have costed us a lot more money” argued Paulina against the disadvantage.

Pop up stores could also be profitable for bigger brands according to Axel Alwers Ochoas a masters marketing student, that has worked in marketing for the last few years “the consumers like getting their hands on one of a kind or exclusive products which pop up store provide a lot of the time, as they are there for a short time and a lot of brands take this is as an advantage to sell things that are not sold in their normal stores with a much higher price than it would usually go for”

Another type of pop up stores that are selling more than anything are “merchandise pop up stores” which are stores that are specialized in a certain celebrity, team or so on that open for a few days in different cities around the world and sell exclusive fan merchandise, and it happens quit often that it’s usually in the same city as the  celebrity, team or so on as the fans would be there in bigger amounts at that time and they get to sell much more

Opening a store could be a huge investment, so if you are not sure how well it would work, a pop up shot term store might just be the answer to all your problems, you could experiment a bit with it, see if it’s reaching the target audience? if opening an actual store would be right  for you ? And also make a name for your brand.